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Özgür Humar, the President of Sharkuteri Ajans, has mentioned about the transformation processes from digital to full-service agency and shared the formula to success which consists of three rights.

Sharkuteri Medya is an agency that has started to serve as a full service agency in line with the demands of its customers after stepping into the sector eight years ago as a digital media agency. With this change, the agency has begun to make strategic planning and purchasing in all channels and it also includes a creative department. After a successful year, we asked Özgür Humar, the president of the agency, about his views and predictions about the outstanding discussions of the last year.

Seda Büktel You continue as a full service agency in this way which you started as a digital media agency. What caused the agency to change in this way?

Özgür Humar The most important factor which caused the change was out customers. We have a very close communication with the brands we serve.
Our brands have begun to get our opinions first in their strategies in the environments other than the digital media and their decisions in media plans and purchases because of the digital campaign strategies we prepare, our flexible structure in the purchasing stage, the detailed analysis we perform in the campaigns, the competitor brands and the sector and the importance we attach to reporting. And we have started to create new teams and business partnerships and we have begun to perform strategy, planning and purchasing works in other environments as well as digital media.

Seda Büktel When we mention full-service media agency, is there a dispute about it? What are the topics that should be envisaged in the customers' minds? What exactly should the customers expect from these structures?

Özgür Humar We are a media agency. We build the right strategies together with our customers and brand teams and implement our campaigns with effective prices in appropriate channels in the campaigns to be realized for our brands.
While performing these activities, we also meet the needs of our customers' campaigns for visual design, production, micro site design, digital application and social media management. Therefore, our brands can meet almost all of their needs for a campaign with a single communication.
But of course, there can be a confusion of meaning from time to time. There may be a demand for a wide range of services from promotions to press relations.

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