Strategic Media Planning

We create strategies to meet your target audience with the right message at the right time and environment by analyzing your brand in details. We reach the campaign targets with the measurable targets we define. Strategy studies include the following;

  • Determination of Brand Targets
  • Creating a Media Plan
  • Selection of Media Tools
  • Identifying Advertising Models
  • Choosing Ad Images
  • Launching the Campaign
  • Campaign Optimization
  • And then we take the steps of Reporting and Campaign Analysis
Strategic Media Planning

Purchasing Media

We perform historical analysis of the media to be used in the media plans.We measure the target audience distribution and prepare the media plan to be used in the campaign based on the obtained data.

Digital Media

Premium display, performance, programmatic, mobile, video, Google Adwords

Google GDN, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter campaigns and projects

Fixed and Rotating Publications, Cpm, Cpc, Cpl campaigns

Influencer marketing campaigns

Spot advertising during programs, TV sub-band, advertorial works, program sponsorships, scenario integration, product placement, timecode advertising, brand-specific creative content works

Stationary and mobile billboard units, mega units, wall cladding, parapet, subway, metrobus, bus, minibus advertising models, city lines, airport and plane applications, indoor advertising applications and projects in shopping malls and plazas

Spot advertising on the screen, special works and projects in halls and foyer areas

Newspaper and magazine advertisements, advertorial works, cover, insert, sample distribution and brand-specific creative content works.

Radio spot, program sponsorship, DJ Talk, Spota pass and special projects

Purchasing Media

Social Media Management

We build your brand's communication language and strategy and produce content that fits this. We measure and report the developments. We take immediate action in news and events that require quick action. In the event of a crisis, we produce content that protects our brands and develops strategies.

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Social Media Crisis Management
  • Digital Pr Management
Social Media Management

Creative Design and Content Production

Video, visual or text. We prepare all the content you need according to the target audience analysis and campaign targets with our creative team. We produce creative advertising works for your brand with our team which has won awards in many competitions.

  • Video production works
  • Photographing and printed works
  • Banner design and applications
  • Social media ads
  • Digital advertising models, designs and applications
  • TV advertising works
  • Website design and software
  • App designs
  • Landing page design and applications
Creative Design and Content Production

SEO Management

We make your website appear at the top of organic searches with search engine optimization efforts.

  • Ranking tracking
  • Site technical analysis
  • Organic traffic contents
  • Backlink tracking and acquisition
  • Competitor analysis and tracking
SEO Management


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