Special Message for the 25th Year of MediaCat

You keep the sector together with the events.

MediaCat is a magazine in which we follow the most recent developments in the field of marketing communications and innovations in Turkey and I reserve a special time to read the magazine every month. In this way, we can follow the players, new brands, interviews and events in the sector and be aware of what our friends in the sector are doing. You perform a mission that keeps the sector together with your activities and ensures communication between agencies and brands.

Your numerical data enables us, the agencies, to make sectoral forecasts and prepare them in the light of these information while setting the next year's numerical targets. Your creative departments organize successful works, your media department organizes trends and your book department organizes our library. 

You keep the pulse of the sector with Felis Awards, Brand Week Istanbul, Digital Age Summit, while you perform the mission of fulfilling the training needs of the sector. While leaving 2017 behind with informative and entertaining content, we wish you a successful 2018.

As the family of Sharkuteri media, we follow you with love and interest. So glad to have you MediaCat.



Süleyman Seba Caddesi, BJK Plaza, No 48 A Blok Daire: 93-94 Beşiktaş-İstanbul

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